Apartment hotel "Salpalinjan Hovi" is the part of international partnership under Nordplus Adult project "Nordic-Baltic Tourism Learning – NordTourNet-2" (no. NPAD-2017/10129). The project aims to give additional knowledge and improve working skills of entrepreneurs operating in tourism field in remote areas.

Project partnership consists of very different organisations. Not counting hotel "Salpalinjan Hovi" there are involved such institutions as small enterprise ProIFALL from Sweden, NGO Loodi Manor Nature Center from Estonia and Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences from Lithuania. Project coordinator is non-governmental adult education institution from Lithuania – Education, Research & Consultancy Center.

Main project activities:

1. Situation diagnosis (partners are trying to find answers to questions: if entrepreneurs and adults, dealing with tourism, have possibility to receive formal or non-formal education by living in village or small town, are they satisfied with education services they got, what are their needs for training and improving themselves, what training course they would like to attend, what knowledge they lack, what difficulties they face by running business in remote areas).

2. International partners' meetings and training sessions (during two-days partners meeting the host partner holds 1-day public training/seminar for wide audience in the field of tourism.

3. Preparation of 16 academic hours training course for tourism entrepreneurs.

            During project we are experiencing various teaching and learning methods – games, study visits, networking, team building, stories of good practice examples. We are trying to identify, which teaching methods are most suitable for tourism entrepreneurs, which of them help for entrepreneurs the best to understand teaching material.

            Apartment hotel "Salpalinjan Hovi" is responsible for collecting qualitative research from partners and producing in one document Situation Diagnosis with conclusions and suggestions.

Posted on 13.11.2018